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Through tailored and timely financial and investment advice, our goal is to help clients succeed financially and work toward their life goals. Whether you’re in the early stages of building wealth or facing complex retirement or estate planning choices later in life, we’re ready and equipped to help you make decisions for your future.
Patricia Bass Peterson

Patricia Bass Peterson

    • Managing Director
    • Senior PIM Portfolio Manager
    Patricia Bass Peterson has spent her entire career in the financial services industry. Prior to launching Azul Wealth Partners, she served as a Financial Advisor, Branch Manager, and PIM Portfolio Manager as Senior Vice President at Wells Fargo Advisors, and even served unexpectedly for a time as a corporate spokesperson to the media for the Houston market.

    Throughout the many years Tricia’s been in the business, she has served clients by providing her expertise and the expertise of others within the Wells Fargo network in the areas of market guidance, retirement planning and income management, insurance and long-term care solutions, estate and legacy planning, and - in the last two decades - active investment management in her role as a Certified Portfolio Manager.

    Tricia was struck, years ago, when she read a trade publication article that provided the results of a survey of investors; it said that most investors don’t enjoy dealing with, and in fact often dread, handling this aspect of their lives. Many even reported it gave them headaches! That was a pivotal moment; from then on she determined to make sure her clients didn’t have to feel that way.

    As a Senior PIM Portfolio Manager, Patricia starts with the premise that there are multiple ways to be a successful investor, and managing more than one method can allow for investors to mitigate volatility during challenging markets. Employing fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis, she oversees investment strategies that seek to optimize return while prioritizing risk management. She uses these strategies to design each client’s portfolios in alignment with their needs, allowing them to have what’s best for their individual situation. Honoring her clients' trust as she navigates all kinds of markets, she strives to proactively capture opportunities while managing risk.

    A native San Antonian, proud American and thrilled to also have dual citizenship in her mother’s homeland of Mexico, Patricia is married to husband Terry, and loves mothering her daughter Izabelle, a recent graduate of Texas A&M, and her critters: the tripod Roxzy, Roxzy’s friend Baylee and their frenemies, gatos Frankie and Spookie.
    Tiffanie Conchola

    Tiffanie Conchola

      • Administrative Manager
      Tiffanie Conchola is the linchpin of the team at Azul Wealth Partners as our Administrative Manager. Clients value her resourcefulness, commitment to integrity, and dedication to service. Closely connected, Tiffanie and Tricia trace their friendship all the way back to 1998 during Tricia’s first role in management. Now with over eight cumulative years of working together, clients benefit from the close-knit bond Tricia and Tiffanie share. It’s amazing how lighthearted and fun she is considering some of the details and logistics that her job entails. However, it’s all worth it because of how much she loves the clients!

      Tiffanie can be counted on to assist them with their operational needs, such as wire transfers, monthly income, statement information, and account maintenance. In addition, clients will benefit from Tiffanie’s assistance with new account orientation, an introduction to online services, and troubleshooting. Tiffanie received her B.S.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Arkansas and her M.A. in Educational Administration from The George Washington University.  

      Tiffanie and her husband Roman have two sons, Logan (22) and Ian (13). They love to travel – when you see her, ask about their two separate month-long road trips across the US!

      Baylee & Roxzy